Crisis Management

From Crisis to Capability - Managing disaster response, recovery and turn-around.

Managing crisis, product recalls and failed product launches

How to manage a crisis? When disaster strikes the vicious cycles kick in and often one problem leads to another and ends in a major crisis. How can managers cope with crisis and disaster? How can a situation be turned around? How can managers create a more robust system and develop a capable team? And how can these challenges be prevented or detected earlier?

This course is offered in a "blended learning" format:

  • One part is a facilitated onsite workshop with our top experts. In the workshop we are using high quality online simulations to enable the learning experience.
  • The other element is an online group coaching, which is offered online here in a private group.

With this course you will get new insights, a comprehensive learning experience, and group coaching with our top expert.

A general description of the course can be found here.

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Your Instructor

Thomas Wittig
Thomas Wittig

This program and briefing center is led by Thomas ("Tom") Wittig. Tom is an expert in innovation, transformation and growth with a special focus on the business dynamics. He has extensive experience in business leadership working with new businesses, projects and established large businesses. He developed expert knowledge in system dynamics.

During 28+ years in the IT and high-tech industry Tom worked with Microsoft, SAP, and a number of high-growth companies. Building, growing, and optimising customer base, platforms, ecosystems, communities a high-volume operations and services.

Currently Tom works with Enterprise, Startups, Investors, and international organisations as advisor and innovation partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer volume pricing for organisations?
Yes we do. Please contact us for a custom offer.
Can we customise the course to include our specific examples and needs?
Yes, we can.
Do you offer this course in combination with onsite briefings and facilitated workshops?
Yes, we do.
Can we offer this course to our international teams as well?

Yes, no problem.

This course is closed for enrollment.