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Course Curriculum

  Forum for Exchange, Sharing and Coaching
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  Insights Survey: Dynamics and Impact of Digital and Business Transformation Projects
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  Recap, Guiding thoughts, Feedback
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  Course Curriclum
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  Contact and Support
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  Course Kick-off: Introducing the course road map, transformation framework
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  ORGANIZATION Dynamics: Mobilizing the people and stakeholders
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  Week 7 - Development: Project Dynamics and Risk
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  Week 8 - Market Adoption: Accelerating Growth
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  Week 9 - Organisation: Transformation Program Office
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  Week 10 - Customer Success: Retention and Churn
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  Bonus Time and Content
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How to plan, manage and optimize successful Transformation initiatives?

Business and Digital Transformation is a top priority for many organizations in the business and public sector. For many businesses it has become a matter of survival. Many companies have digital and transformation initiatives on the radar. Yet, many initiatives struggle or fail and companies are put at risk.

The leaders and project managers are confronted with a complex and dynamic challenge - in most cases on top of running the daily business.

This course provides in insights, ideas, and tools for managing the dynamics of transformation and change.

The course provides a pragmatic set of tools, templates and video briefings and covers the following aspects of the topics

  • Strategy leadership and project steering.
  • Product: Dynamics of new service, process and product development.
  • Organisation: Dynamics of organisation engagement and mobilization.
  • Market: Dynamics of growth and adoption of products in the market.
  • Customer Success: Engaging customers and ensuring active, satisfied users.
  • Supply chain: Dynamics of supply chains and producing, storing and delivering goods as well as sourcing of key resources.

A learning experience

This 10 week learning experience participants offers a learning experience with live sessions and extended content, tools and templates.

Weekly live webinars with Q&A.

Extended video briefings with dynamic simulation experiments, insights, ideas.

Tools and templates for download.

Group coaching in discussion forums.

A certificate of participation and completion.


Ideal for individual self-paced learning, for teams to get ready for the new budgeting and fiscal year planning round.

Participate at your time and pace. Can't make it to a weekly session? No worries, the replays will be provided.

Accelerate your learning experience. New to the job, no experience with transformation projects? No problem, learn and build up skills and expertise.

Advance system leadership. How make decisions and how to manage complexity and change over time? Learn from the simulation experiments how changes play out.

Build the plan. How to get started? Follow the learning road-map and build and complete your plan along the way.

Highly scaleable: Available as customized, private session for large organizations.

Engage your entire team. Roll-out the learning experience to your organization. Contact us for volume pricing options.


This course applies to various situations and roles. You may find it particularly helpful in the following settings:

  • Designing, planning and leading a transformation initiative.
  • Managing digitalization projects.
  • Troubleshooting a change initiative and preparing a project turn-around.
  • Managing change.
  • Transforming
    • services into products
    • products into services
  • Moving from a legacy system to a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution.

For executives, project managers and team this course provides insights and a new, different perspective: We will explore the topics from a system dynamics point of view.


Just be curious and open to learn. This course is a new addition to the series "Transformation Dynamics".

You may also want to explore the other courses in WITTIGONIA Online Academy which cover complementary topics such as the dynamics of viral adoption, viral marketing dynamics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for a service and SaaS business.

Elements of this course:

This course is like a "living book". We are using new tools and formats and adding new content based on feedback. The course typically includes

  • The weekly webinar. Introduction to the topic and new insights.
  • Short video briefings.
  • Simulation of changes over time. Learn how decisions, strategies and tactics play out over time.
  • Tools & Templates
  • Discussion forum for shared and group learning
  • Short surveys

The modules in the online course will be provided week by week.

At times we are also hosting a live seminars and meetups in select locations. Please check our website at WITTIGONIA Events

We are conducting open research and sometimes we are publishing results from a field study from WITTIGONIA Insights.

The objectives of this course

  1. To provide concepts and tools to help you plan and manage transformation and digitalization initiatives.
  2. To provide new ideas and insights how to proceed and how to optimize plans, projects and ongoing business.
  3. To provide insights how strategies and tactics play out over time, using system dynamics models and simulation experiments.
  4. To provide group coaching to answer your most pressing questions.

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Your Instructor

Thomas Wittig
Thomas Wittig

This program and briefing center is led by Thomas ("Tom") Wittig. Tom is an expert in innovation, transformation and growth with a special focus on the business dynamics. He has extensive experience in business leadership working with new businesses, projects and established large businesses. He developed expert knowledge in system dynamics.

During 28+ years in the IT and high-tech industry Tom worked with Microsoft, SAP, and a number of high-growth companies. Building, growing, and optimising customer base, platforms, ecosystems, communities a high-volume operations and services.

Currently Tom works with Enterprise, Startups, Investors, and international organisations as advisor and innovation partner.

Read more about Tom on

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