Service Dynamics - The daily rollercoaster ride

Service Dynamics

The daily rollercoaster ride

Are you running a service-oriented business or organisation? The you probably experience this daily challenge:

Either you don't have the right number of people or the right number of customers.

This up-and-down dynamic is very common in the service business industry and in the public sector as well. The challenge is to keep the service delivery capacity and the customer pipeline in balance. But it rarely is in a state of equilibrium in the sense that you have exactly the right number of people to meet the service demand. Even with very good planning, management, sales and people management skills you find it difficult to keep the staff utilization and profitability at a reasonable and desired level?

In this video briefing session we start exploring the basic dynamics of the service business. It is a briefing for increased awareness of the underlying dynamics. In later courses we will go into much detail.