The need for digital and business transformation

Transformation Dynamics

Introduction of the key challenges and framework

In this first set of video briefings we are discussing the key challenges of digital and business transformation projects.

The pressure to transform a company, organization or business model is mounting. Driven by digital innovation, demographic change and other forces many leaders and policy makers are feeling the increased need to change the way of doing business and to introduce digital innovation.

But it is easier said than done. In many projects the organisation has to go above and beyond of the current way of doing business, of serving customers and winning new clients.

And as many organisations are already well on their path to a new level of business leadership and digital innovation the employees often sense the "Fear of Missing Out" - they are looking for opportunities to realize their dreams of contributing the innovation. This creates even more pressure for the the organisation. In fact, many organisations are at risk due to employee attrition which is driven by lack of digital innovation and funding of their initiatives.

Watch the video briefing to learn more.