Strategic Workforce Planning [Video: 24:58]

Strategic Workforce Planning

Organization Dynamics

Having the right people, with the right skills, at the right time and place available is key for your ability to delivery projects, to win customers and to respond to demand.

In this video briefing we are taking a look at strategic workforce planning.

Workforce planning and staffing is a highly dynamic process. Anticipating demand and supply patterns is key to managing this core process well.

In this video briefing I will give some examples how strategic workforce planning applies to different segments such as

  • Business and digital transformation of organizations.
  • Readiness, delivery and performance in outsourced delivery organizations.
  • Health care supply chains.

As always, we will look at the underlying feedback structures which are driving the dynamic behaviour. My suggestion is that you watch this briefing first. Later we will talk about some specific aspects of strategic workforce planning.

The list of Critical Success Factors for strategic workforce planning provide a first set of ideas how to manage this important process in your organization.

Which of these aspects, success factors, strategies and tactics apply to your specific situation or industry?