Remarketing Dynamics: Impact of an optimized campaign [VIDEO: 10:00]

Remarketing Dynamics

Impact of an optimized campaign

What are the key decisions you can make and the levers you can pull to optimize the impact and performance of your remarketing campaign?

You can work with a set of parameters

  • Timing of the campaign: when you start and when you stop it.
  • Retention period: how to keep customers in the retargeting list.
  • Daily spending: how much to spend per day to capture the available market day by day.
  • Resource allocation: how much to spend on regular PPC (Pay per Click) ads versus remarketing ads.

In this second part of the video I am walking you through a case study which illustrates to impact an optimized campaign can have on the bottom line of your digital marketing campaign.

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Video: Case study of an optimized remarketing campaign