About Product Recall Dynamics

Product Recall Management

Understanding recall crisis dynamics

Product recalls have increased in frequency and orders of magnitude. This is not only about the car and automotive industry, but it impacts many other areas. The trend is driven by

  • Increasing complex products
  • Distributed supply chains
  • Tighter controls and governance
  • and other factors

Why is it important to understand the dynamics of a product recall situation?

In the context of digital and business transformation we see many companies taking advantage of new technologies including mobile, IoT, wearable devices and also manufacturing in cost effective locations.

In a worst case scenario you have to call back all products which are implemented. And the higher the risk and cost of injury of humans and contamination of the environment the faster you have to act and the more you need to reduce the exposure over time.

In this briefing, I am introducing the feedback structure which is behind recall situations. The story will build up over time. Stay tuned and share your insights.