How much to spend on sales versus marketing?

How much budget to allocate on marketing versus sales?

Launching your product and accelerating growth

Concepts, Tools, Templates

When you planned your new product or service development you probably put a placeholder for sales and marketing in your budget plan. Once you put that stake in the ground your sales and marketing teams start developing ideas and competing for resources. Soon you arrive at a decision point:

How much to spend on sales versus marketing to launch your product and accelerate growth?

It is an old battle, but it has a new relevance:

  • If you bet on the wrong mix and timing you could miss the momentum and risk loosing the market.
  • The new tools and concepts for both sales and for digital marketing can set your business up for different growth trajectories.
  • Once you have locked down on a particular strategy, it is somewhat hard to revise quickly.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to consider different alternatives and gain insights on the upside potential and downside risk of each alternative.

In this blog post I am walking you through some concepts and ideas.

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