BONUS: Bundled course "Make Your Case"

How to prepare business cases for transformation projects?

Many have asked for this: What is a business case? And how do I prepare it?

Also, managers are asking: what should I be looking for in a business case? How can I prepare my team so that they are bringing great project proposals forward?

We hear you! Now I have included in this course, as a complimentary bundle, the online course "Make YOUR Case" (MYC) - a step by step, self-paced learning experience for building a business case.

You can find this course on your course curriculum page. An the left side you will see the bundled courses.

The course represents an additional value of $50.-. As an enrolled student you have free access to this course. If you are not enrolled yet, hurry, there is more to come. Of course you can enroll into the MYC course separately.

Happy pitching!