On the horizon: future idea,- casts

The idea,- casts are bite-sized portions of content delivered to you in regular intervals. The basic rhythm will be weekly. Each week there is a new episode. Sometimes there will be more and sometimes a little bit less material.

The cadence for the future webcasts will be

  • Market
  • Product
  • Organization
  • Customer Success
  • Strategy & leadership

So, during the course of a month you will get a new 360° set of ideas,-

AND: Keep in mind that YOU are in the DRIVER SEAT. Use the possibility to submit content ideas, requests and questions.

Visit the Events Page where you can find announcement of the upcoming live webcasts. Click on the link or go to https://wittigonia.net/event-directory/.

In this section of the curriculum you can find

  • The preview description of the next webcasts
  • A list of upcoming webcasts