The State of Transformation in Corporates and Startups

The virtuous and vicious cycle of transformation

State of transformation initiatives and impact

Companies are spending a lot of time, money and management attention on transformation projects. But not all projects are delivering the good news the owners, managers and clients are waiting for. In fact a large portion of the projects is failing. In the corporate and public sector we hear about some high profile projects which are either failing completely or which are facing massive overruns in terms of schedule, budget cost of poor quality.

Likewise is the hot sport of innovation - the startup sector - it is a known risk that the vast majority of projects never make it. The consequences for the owners, investors and most importantly for the founders and teams are very tough.

In this short video briefing we are looking at some of the facts and the vicious or virtuous cycle form a high level point of view. Later we will explore the feedback loops in much more detail and with quantitative sceneario simulations.