Dynamics of Digital and Business Transformation

A new interactive briefing with Thomas Wittig

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business transformation initiatives are top priorities on the agenda of leaders and policy makers. In fact the news is full of stories about sudden crisis in the business and organisations:

  • The sharing economy impacts the hospitality sector.
  • Self-driving electric powered cars shift the transportation and mobility industry.
  • Rich mobile phone experience and online publishing triggers a migration from print to online.
  • Computing and storage moves into the cloud.

The need for driving digital and business transformation is clear. But we hear a lot of troubling stories about transformation initiatives which are going wrong. And in some organisations repeated attempts and failures cause even move pain and shame.

Why are transformation projects so challenging?

Well, on top of running the business and keeping the ship on course you have to cope with new challenges, often in unfamiliar terrain:

  • "Productization": Building a product - while you are running a service business
  • New product development
  • Dynamics of organisational change
  • Product adoption and safeguarding your customer base

That's a lot! And to make things even more challenging: These areas are interrelated in a system with feedback, delay and changing resource levels.

The new course "Transformation Dynamics" is a first step in the journey towards running initiatives with courage, conviction and confidence.

Enjoy the newest addition to our interactive coaching course series and stay tuned for more to come soon...

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