During Summer of 2015 we worked on our series "The Shape of Growth". This series was motivated by many projects and workshops with our stakeholders. We found that there is a need and keen desire to better understand the dynamics of the world we live in. In business, society, and organisations the speed of change is increasing and at the same time we are witnessing an increasingly exponential growth. In fact, for businesses it is matter of survival to be able to create and sustain rapid growth.

We wanted to create a "living play book" which is rich in features, deep in content and insights, and affordable at the price of a book. It is a "living" book because we add and change content and tools, because it lives from the shared learning and feedback and because we aspire to provide pragmatic insights - even though they may be counterintuitive at times.

So, we created and opened the WITTIGONIA Online Academy. Our goal is to enable learning and exchange with focus on systemic, dynamic issues.

The series "The Shape of Growth" starts with three courses. Each course can be taken individually. Though we recommend taking the courses in the sequence they are designed as they are progressing. We are focusing on a core structure which is exploring the dynamics of word-of-mouth, viral adoption and exponential growth (or decline).

Part 1: Creating a basic awareness of system behaviour.

Part 2: Exploring the dynamics of growth, churn, renewal and disruption.

Part 3: Discovering how these structures, elements and behaviours translate into performance (KPI).

...and what is next? Stay tuned and provide feedback on the "wish list".

Thank you and enjoy the learning and "The Shape of Growth"!

Tom Wittig.